Always a “PR Girl” at Heart

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by jenfortecuomo in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

Jennifer Forte Cuomo

Welcome to the JFC PR blog, a new venture for a PR Girl making her way into the digital world slowly but surely. Yes, follow me on Twitter, like my FB page, read my blog and I am sure Pinterest is next. What can I do? In the fast moving world of PR, things are changing to say the least. For this PR Girl, and yes no matter how old you get, you’re still the PR Girl to some of your clients, it’s about bringing value to the table for my clients. A simple advertising value is no longer valid and no longer cuts it in terms of ROI, which let’s face it was no picnic to measure in the first place. I know more than one small practitioner like myself that’s lost a client because they haven’t had the ability or the insight to add such services as blogging, social media and digital press releases to their arsenal of PR Tools. Unfortunately, it is no longer okay to bury your head in the sand and drag out your awesome rolodex of contacts who will take your call and meet your client.

So – here we are. A new blog to update my many, many fans with the best travel deals, travel discounts and travel news. We will be discussing trends and I will recommend my favorite blogs, experts and more as we move along this digital journey together. I’ve considered the fact that keeping up is much more work, but at the end of the day I am a PR Girl at heart. I have a passion for the travel business, a love of all things hotel related and I still get that rush when my client gets a great placement or story and I know it was because of me.

So stay tuned and keep on traveling!